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The Alaska Judicial Council has chosen Justice Data Group to provide the eDiscovery WebPortal, an integrated management system that will enable law enforcement agencies to electronically share discoverable information with state and municipal prosecutors and private criminal defense attorneys.


IACP Excellence 
In Technology

Our Juneau implementation has been recognized for the 4th Annual IACP Excellence in Technology Award .  After an exhaustive and highly competitive review of applications submitted from around the world,  Juneau's Digital Evidence Locker project was identified as the best in the Innovation in Information Technology category for medium-sized agencies. The Juneau Police Department is among a very distinguished group of winners.
Congratulations on your award, Juneau!


"It is a very useful piece of software for the layperson. You don't have to be a computer guru to process digital evidence with the JUDG program. Photographs are much more accessible than they used to be. I don't have to put in a request to the evidence custodians and wait for them to be available. I can go to any computer in the station and look at my photographs or listen to my audio interviews at any time of day or night.
This process is definitely easier for our officers, records division and the attorneys we work with."

– Investigator Robert Kolvig

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The Best Evidence

JudgAttyDocSM.gifMore of the information that serves as currency in the judicial process is being stored, transmitted, or processed in digital form. We have all witnessed an explosive growth in the quantity of digital files collected for evidentiary purposes. This has exacerbated the problem of securely processing, storing and managing photographs, documents, audio and video, and their attendant metadata. CD storage and other WORM media solutions are cumbersome, with Chain of Custody issues for the media itself, and these do not leverage the promise of inter-agency data interoperability.
The Digital Evidence Locker® is uniquely designed to solve the problems of processing, storage, and access for digital files of probative value to your agency and its Justice partners.  Explore our site, and contact us if we can assist in managing your Digital Evidence workflow needs assessment.

Greg Browning, Chief of Police Juneau Police Department
Like many departments, we have for years been struggling to convert to digital evidence. Before the implementation of the digital evidence locker system, we were besieged with what seemed like an avalanche of digital files. There was no systematic and safe way to store, retrieve and share all this digital evidence. The “Digital Evidence Locker®” was the answer. It not only allows for secure storage and retrieval of all kinds of digital evidence, it is “user-friendly” to boot. Officers love it, and our local prosecutors are ecstatic! Thanks, Justice Data Group!
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Quality Software For Your Agency

The Justice Data Group project was founded on the ideal that quality service must be envisioned during product design. This principle permeates every aspect of our project and is fundamental to our business philosophy. At our core, we believe that every organization should have access to high quality, functional software under the most liberal license possible.

Off-the-shelf Multi-Media software and network storage security can not properly account for evidence processing policy enforcement, auditing and verification of evidence file management. Avoiding the creation of another silo of critical data, the project needed to address integration with an agency’s RMS, extending case management tools to a secured digital file storage and retrieval solution.

Reduced turn-around time and operational efficiencies for evidence processing, investigations, and discovery requests are significant for your agency and your justice partners. The courts and district attorneys are the ultimate consumers of any agency’s evidence, and they are delighted to receive access to all digital files for a case, organized through a web-enabled Evidence Log on a secured network or on CD/DVD media.

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