The Alaska Judicial Council has chosen Justice Data Group to provide the eDiscovery WebPortal, an integrated management system that will enable law enforcement agencies to electronically share discoverable information with state and municipal prosecutors and private criminal defense attorneys.

Discovery Portal
Greg Browning, Chief of Police Juneau Police Department
Like many departments, we have for years been struggling to convert to digital evidence. Before the implementation of the digital evidence locker system, we were besieged with what seemed like an avalanche of digital files. There was no systematic and safe way to store, retrieve and share all this digital evidence. The “Digital Evidence Locker®” was the answer. It not only allows for secure storage and retrieval of all kinds of digital evidence, it is “user-friendly” to boot. Officers love it, and our local prosecutors are ecstatic! Thanks, Justice Data Group!
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integrate with your in-car video
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Integrate with your agency RMS for secured case management.
Automate collection procedures and chain-of-custody to enforce your agency's policies.
Consolidate document, audio, photo and video storage and access
Distribute DVD with evidence log.
Preview and process in-car video.
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